Designer Tanu Vohra

Tanu Vohra… The Fashionista!

The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks the path never walked before, is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.

Such is our protagonist ~ the lady behind the nationally acclaimed label Eleganza, Tanu Vohra with her success storie gleaming across shores. This Fashion Maven with her two labels, ‘Eleganza by Tanu Vohra’ (making its place nationally for a decade now) and the ‘The Zari couture’ (making waves the world over for eight years), is a versatile entrepreneur.

A personal stylist to Ludhiana’s creme-de-la-creme, the lady is a brand herself. Inspired by her mother’s unfailing spirit, TANU started very early in her life to experiment with fashion. Tanu is the most acclaimed and influential designer of her generation. Many of Tanu’s creations have adorned the prettiest brides across the borders. TANU’s designs have also decorated and brought success to the beautiful Mrs. Asia USA in 2014.

900 Guests

That’s how many friends, family members and colleagues will attend our special day!

Empire State Building

That’s where the wedding will be taking place, at the height of the 77th floor in NYC!

50 Dishes

That’s how many dishes of miscellaneous cuisines will our wedding menu feature on that day!

100 Pounds

That’s how much the red velvet wedding cake will be weighing, yummy!


Ishina Sadana

An absolutely amazing designer who gives her heart and soul to her work. A beautiful person inside out with an immense talent. No client can go unsatisfied 🙂


Jasleen Popli

She is an amazing designer with a heart of gold, full of energy and life. Her outfit makes an unforgettable impression with sharp silhouettes, soft hues and confident statements.


Ashita Vohra

Truly a combination of beauty with brains. There isn’t even a single piece that i’m not satisfied with. Can always trust this beautiful soul blindly. Love you always❤️

The name we love!

Tanu Vohra - Business Card